The Future of No Work


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Podtitul: Master AI, Gain Superpowers, Earn More and Live by Your Own Rules

Autor: Filip Drimalka

Ochrana: sociální DRM

Rok vydání: 2024

Počet stran: 305

Jazyk: en

Formát: EPUB | MOBI

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We have been told for ages that technology would make our lives easier. Instead, we increasingly find ourselves drowning in tedious tasks and feeling trapped in the daily grind—overflowing calendars, endless to-do lists, and a never-ending stream of interruptions. And since we\\\'re always connected, our work never seems to end.

Imagine a world where technology finally starts taking care of all the boring stuff so you can focus on what really matters to you. Where smart AI apps empower you to create anything you can imagine, and even things you never would have thought of. Where you have the power to redesign work around your life, not the other way around. This is the era of \\\"No Work.\\\" It\\\'s not about escaping work but about using our skills and leveraging the possibilities unlocked by AI so that our days are primarily comprised of the things we are passionate about. Because that\\\'s how we can create something extra - ordinary.

Inside this book, you\'ll find hundreds of practical examples and tips:

How to find, select, and use the right digital tools for anything you do. How to make your productivity skyrocket with AI and reclaim your time. How to do things your way—with greater freedom by automating more tasks. How to craft the work you want, whether you\\\'re an entrepreneur or an employee. How to seize new opportunities and build a future-proof career.

The book will provide you with loads of tips on the best apps and tools that are part of the AI revolution, but the real magic is how it changes the way you think. You\\\'ll learn new skills and timeless principles that will keep you ahead of the game, no matter how AI changes the way we work.

FILIP DRIMALKA (pronounced like \\\"Phil Dream\\\") is a digital innovation expert and a sought-after European consultant on technology adoption. He is the founder of Digiskills, Digitask, and Digi Challenge – projects that are helping hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of individuals upskill and thrive in the digital age. Filip resides in the \\\"Central European hot spot\\\" – Brno, with his wife and two children. When he\\\'s not driving digital transfor - mation, you can find him skiing, surfing, or mountain biking. He doesn’t just write about No Work. He actually lives it.

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